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Don't Piss the Stoned Wiz  or  Poisoned Fish Head Pie

Featuring a sexy cream pie.

The Immortal Millennial

A boomer-bashing millennial pays a horrible price for snapping an end-of-the-world selfie.

A Spider's First Time

A black widow spider doesn't want his first time to be his last.

Farting Dogs in an Elevator
The flatulent adventure begins...

No Exit: A Monday with no end
Do your days feed like this?  Do you have dreams like this?

The Revenge Remote Drills A Dentist

A dentist on laughing gas meets his cruel fate.

The Revenge Remote in: Snakes From The Phone

Battling a customer service rep from hell.



Collateral Damage

A child confronts Obama about his drone license to kill.
An adaptation of the President's White House Correspondents' dinner speech.

Eco Terrorists Exposed
Corporate CEO has a meltdown.  Luckily he's not liable. 


Revolution Dog

It can be dangerous getting the masses outraged and organized.
Satire / Weird

Link Rules
A knuckle dragger gets a nuke.  Too real.


Things get hot when Uncle Sam becomes a hitman for Capitalistic Pig.

Much more to come.  Thanks for visiting.

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